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Studio Visits are welcome.
To make a time,
please call: 027 344 4528


15 Ridgetop Rise, Fairhall
Blenheim, Marlborough

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Ceramic artist
Glen Waters

Gallery / Studio visits at 15 Ridgetop Rise in Fairhall, Blenheim are welcome.  To make a time, please call: 027 344 4528

My interest is mostly in the forming process, and I find hand building allows me the time to listen to the clay, as it moves in subtle ways I may not have planned. My work is finished, by burnishing with a fine slip known as Terra Sigillata. I love the soft, sensuous feel, this method gives my peice, and it seems the more natural way to finish something from the earth. It can then be smoke, sawdust or pit fired with organic materials to produce unpredictable, and often exciting finishes, or left white and simple.

New Work

Glen Waters

15 Ridgetop Rise, Fairhall | phone: 027 344 4528 | email:

Glen Waters

15 Ridgetop Rise
Fairhall, Blenheim

0273 444528