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15 Ridgetop Rise, Fairhall
Blenheim, Marlborough

"... hand building allows me the time to listen to the clay, as it moves in subtle ways I may not have planned."

Glen's discovery and love of working in clay, began over 20 yrs ago, in Atlanta, USA. She spent 3 years attending the Callanwolde Arts Centre, studying the ancient way of making pottery, using the slow process of hand-building.
During that time, she attended The John.C.Campbell School in North Carolina, The annual Alabama Clay conference, and wonderful workshops by artists such as, Don Reitch, Lana Turner, Mel Jacobsen, Magdaline O dundo, Pete Pinnel, Vince Pitelka, Susie Duncan and others. She developed a passionate interest in the pottery made by the American Anazazi Indian people, and attended workshops teaching the primitive way of making and firing pottery, which is still done by some mid western tribes today.

The dream of doing her ceramic work, back home in New Zealand is now a reality, with the building of a new studio / gallery, surrounded by the hills of home, and looking out over the vineyards and valleys of Marlborough.

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Glen Waters

15 Ridgetop Rise, Fairhall | phone: 027 344 4528 | email:

Glen Waters

15 Ridgetop Rise
Fairhall, Blenheim

0273 444528